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Super easy recipe, and exceptionnal discount!

🐄 Herb-crusted roast beef

Gourmet Grocery Store in Dubai (UAE)

We are proud to have only the best premium groceries on our website, for your aperitif, dinner or cocktail. Maison Duffour is unique in the UAE as we propose only artisan products carefully selected by us for you : French farm cheeses, pork cold cuts from only the best farms in Europe, delicious breads, high quality poultry and meat etc.

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Our first battle: food waste!

We are proud to achieve close to zero food waste due to a very strict control of our stocks. We order only the quantities that are needed and take pride in following the seasons.  You might have noticed out of stock products at times. This is due to a scrupulous control policy towards food waste in general. We prefer to have a temporary out of stock product and re-order it rather than order quantities that won’t be sold.

Do you know that? 1 order with Maison Duffour = 1 Tree Planted thanks to our collaboration with Tree Nation!

We are also involved in our daily lives: we use filtered water by our partner Waterclub as a team. We all said bye bye to plastic bottles! Get involved with us because with all our baby steps combined, we can achieve grand results!

Our values

Real food with real taste at the right price: We do not reference any product until it ticks all boxes of our quality chart. Each product is tasted by the team and a pannel of customers. We only add products that are rated more than 4.5/5 in average. All our products are unique and sourced for ourselves only. While a lot of factors impact our prices, we do our best to maintain our prices to what we believe are fair prices. 

Respect for our terroirs and producers: The respect of our terroirs and our producers is at the heart of our concerns. We know each of our partners personally. We create a close link with them to understand their approach, their know-how and the added value of their products. We are proud to work with companies that share the same values as ours: passion, ecological awareness, taste and quality. 

We care! At Maison Duffour, we believe change begins with each of us. 

Pickup Location

Warehouse 7, 10A street
Al Qouz industrial 3, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Mon - Sun, 9am - 7pm