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Piquillo pepper cream

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Product: A velvety texture with an almost sweet taste. The cream of piquillos is ideal to imagine original and fresh tapas.

Toasted bread, piquillo cream, a drizzle of 100% Arbequina olive oil, a drizzle of marinated anchovies... And that's it!

Producer: Bellota-Bellota is a French brand dedicated to the art of living, combining the very best of 2 cultures: Spain and France...

From Spain, they took exceptional products like for example the best Iberian ham, iconic product of the country but also delicious sea food that we propose you. From France, Bellota-Bellota has taken its aesthetic look and its and its taste for sophistication and detail. 

Ingredients: Piquillo peppers, sunflower oil, corn starch, sugar, garlic, spices, salt and acidulant

Weight: 190Gr

Origin: Spain

Allergens: none