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Frozen wild mushroom mix

Dhs. 64.90

Product: This wild mushroom mix includes boletus, porcinis, oyster mushroom and milk caps. Perfect to cook gourmet omelettes, mushroom sauce or just sauteed with butter!

Preparation: Without prior defrosting, pour the content into a hot frying pan, without adding any fat. Sweat the mushrooms until the cooking juices are reduced. Then add your chosen fat and fry the mushrooms. When the mushrooms no longer produce water when pressed with a spatula, add your seasoning and fry them for a few more minutes. 

Conservation: 24 hours in a fridge or several months in a freezer at -18°C. Once defrost, keep only for another 24 hours.

Country of Origin: France

Weight: 1Kg

Stuff to consider: Frozen