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Mini salted butter caramel muffin

Dhs. 52.90

Product: Mini muffin with a gourmet salted butter caramel. Small portions for a little hunger or to take everywhere with you! Ideal for your buffets. 

Soft plain mini muffin filled with salted caramel butter, topped with pecan nuts, baked, frozen. 

Ingredients: Salted butter caramel filling (sweetened condensed skimmed milk, caramel, glucose syrup, salted butter, milk, water, sugar, modified starch, natural vanilla flavouring, emulsifiers), acidity regulator, sugar, wheat flour, rapeseed oil, eggs, water, pecan nuts, modified starch, whey milk powder, raising agents, salt, wheat gluten. 

Instructions: Defrost for 30min at 0-4°C

Country of origin: France

Portion size: 12 pieces x 26gr

Stuff to consider: May contain traces of other kind of nuts, sesame seeds, gluten