Meule de chèvre (goat cheese)

From 150 gr
Dhs. 29.90

The Meule de chevre is a goat cheese made of raw milk. Its taste, like its color, is mild, delicate and somewhat elusive. It is totally unlike any other goat cheese I've ever had.The texture is quite firm, and although it's a whole milk cheese it is crumbly rather than creamy. It's the kind of cheese you will nibble on for a long time without getting tired of it.

The Meule de Chèvre is one of Beillevaire's homemade products in our Savoyarde workshop in St Hélène du Lac. Beillevaire makes different cheeses there such as Meule de Savoie, Meule de Chèvre, Beret Savoyard, Raclettes ... A refining cellar is also on site where they have a robot that turns the grindstones and brushes them.

Weight: From 150Gr

Country of origin: Savoie, France

Stuff to consider: Unpasteurized goat milk