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Greek Feta Lemnou PDO

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Product: Our Feta Limnou comes straight from the island of Lemnos in Greece. It is produced by the Hrysafis family. The ewes and goats graze by the sea, in ideal conditions so that their milk, then transformed into curds, is as tasty as possible.

Drained and then put into a “fontage”, the curd will then be placed in barrels with brine to be able to mature. The maturation process is quite long: around two months! The Feta will then have taken on all its flavor.

A Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product exclusively made from fresh pasteurised sheep’s and goat's milk of flocks free ranging on the island of Lemnos.

A balanced Feta with a creamy texture, mild taste and rich flavor due to its aromatic milk which embodies the variety of flavors of the local flora and the micro climate influenced by the breeze of North Aegean sea.

Produced in total compliance with the strictest specifications for the feta P.D.O. and the E.U legislation, with care, integrity and social responsibility by Hrysafis State of Art premises in Lemnos Island.

Producer: The Hrysafis family. They are true cheese lovers, and are attached to their savoir-faire with precise gestures: one of their favorite is the moment when the cheese maker slices the curd then checks its texture by hand, he "cuts the glass"! The humans place in their production is essential: only they can guarantee that the product at the end will be exceptional.

Country of origin: FRANCE

Portion size: 200Gr

Stuff to consider: pasteurised milk