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For us, it will be Green Friday!

For us, it will be Green Friday!


Everyone knows that Black Friday is the occasion to make good deals for the festive season.

That's great, but behind all this, there are lots of companies that go to far to be part of this good deals' race - since 5 years now, we decided we don't want to be part of it at Maison Duffour!

ย Here are the main reasons why!

We are against food waste, unnecessary production of plastic waste but above all, we want to offer you only products made in the respect of producers and raw materials.

Our partners are our allies. We have a human and sincere relationship with them. We know their production problems and the quality of their know-how. All this has a price, a right price that we respect.

It is wrong to believe that the price of quality can be lowered drastically. That's why we can't offer you crazy promotional offers, because we respect the work of our producers and we already propose you fair rates that enable us to pay our producers fairly !ย 

So this year we want to promote an alternative event...ย Green Friday!ย What is it? It's a movement that goes against Black Friday. Companies that participate in Green Friday choose to talk about their values, their commitment rather than offers.

This Friday, November 26, we won't be talking about huge discounts. This Friday we will talk about an important cause for us: animal welfare.ย 

We pay particular attention to the choice of partners who share our values and who respect good breeding conditions.ย 

Let's take the example of our French poultry, almost all of them are free range.ย They are cornfed and have a minimumย surface of 8,800ย sqmย to run around and play while they follow their natural growth period between of 84 days and 150 days versus an average of 42 torturous days forย caged hormoned chickens... We are proud of our chickens!


Green Friday | Maison Duffour

An other example? Our fresh fish!ย Our two producers are either certified:

  • ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council), which means they are grown in open sea, hand-fed with sustainable food source and no antibiotics.
  • GLOBAL GAP, which meansย animal welfare and environmentally friendly. His hatcheries maintain a low-density breeding and the feed for the fish come from sustainable fishery, monitored and certified by Marine Trust. Theyย don't use any meat-derived by-products.

ย We also work with one of the last true French producer of snails (100% produced in France), with a producer of organic veggies from the South West that grows its production only in France, an artisan ice cream maker, an organic jam artisan, honey coming from traditional beekeping know-how etc.

To make things even better for you, we partnered with Tree Nation since several months : every time you make an order with us, you plant a tree with us to help with the reforestation in Madagascar.

Check us out here :ย https://tree-nation.com/profile/maison-duffour

So this year, shop and plant tree with us instead of hunting for good deals !

It is true that we are not yet perfect but with all our baby steps combined we can achieve grand results!ย 

At Maison Duffour, we believe change begins with each of us soย please continue to help us and get involved through your consumer choices. ๐Ÿ’ช


See you soon MD friends!ย 



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