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3 gourmet activities to stay cool in the summer

3 gourmet activities to stay cool in the summer

Keeping busy in summer without risking sunstroke? It's totally possible! Here are 3 ideas of gourmet activities to enjoy your weekend in the cool!

1.Take a coffee at the villa Margot

More than just a coffee shop, La villa Margot is a concept store located in Jumeirah 2. It's a calm, peaceful place where you can discover handcrafted brands and even make beautiful floral decorations during private workshops.

๐Ÿ•’ 10 AM - 7PM everyday - closed on Fridays of august

Locย : Al Urouba St, Jumeirah Jumeirah 2 - Dubai

For more information: https://www.margot.ae/

2. Become a chocolate expert with the Mirzam workshop.

A gourmet activity as we like them! The famous chocolatier Mirzam invites you to visit his workshop in al quoz and taste their delicious chocolates. You have the choice between several workshops: creation of your own bar of chocolate, tasting... We love it!

To book and find out more: https://mirzam.com/




3. Get out your aprons for a family brownie workshop!

Not a great chef or just want something very simple to get your kids involved? Use our La Pateliere kit and make delicious homemade brownies. For afternoon tea it's perfect!

To buy our Brownie cake mix: https://www.maisonduffour.com/products/brownie-cake-mix



4. One for the road... why not come and meet us at our Warehouse?

We have A/C, we are friendly and we can make you discover very good quality products. We would be delighted to meet you! We are open 7 days a week if you want.

Our location: Warehouse 7 Street 10A - Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 โ€“ Dubai



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