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Stryyk Spice – Not rum

Dhs. 149.90

Product: This soft drink is 100% natural with no sugar and without alcohol.  It's like a real rum with notes of vanilla, raisin, oakwood and sugarcane. It's even better than a classic rum because you won't feel dark and stormy the next day. 

Tasting notes: With notes of vanilla, raisin, oakwood, sugarcane

Pairing recommendations: Make it the key component in your Mojito, rum & cola, or an alcohol-free Cuba Libre cocktail.

Use our Manbosa ginger beer, it's the best pairing ever! 

Producer: The philosophy of Stryyk: they are not proposing a massive lifestyle change, they are not even anti-alcohol. Stryyk is about choice. A plan B (or plan A, depending) for those times when you’re up for a night out with great drinks, but you just don’t want the tricky morning after.

Weight: 70cl

Origin: United Kingdom

Stuff to consider: 100% natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and free of any artificial flavors.