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Skewers chorizo and manchego

Dhs. 132.00

Satisfy your guests with Skewers chorizo and manchego cheese. This delicious combination of grilled chorizo and Manchego cheese on skewer sticks is sure to please palates of all varieties. Perfect for large gatherings, the skewers offer a convenient and visually appealing way to serve food.

With our skewers, choose quality and freshness. Discover our different options, each one tastier than the next. 

➡ For your catering, we can provide, equipment (buffet, table cocktail, cover, glassware, chinaware, cutlery...), staff and drinks. Don't hesitate to contact us!

    When you order our homemade products, we make them as close as possible to the date of consumption. Freshness and taste are guaranteed!

    Ingredients: Manchego cheese, chicken chorizo, olives

    Portion: 12 pieces per tray

    Delivery: Place the order before 3PM and receive it in 48 hours. Place the order after 3PM and receive it in 72 hours.

    Packaging: Delivered in a take-away box

    Storage: Keep in the fridge until service

    Shelf life: If kept in the fridge below 5°c, consume within 24 hours. Once out of the fridge, consume within 2 hours

    Allergens: Egg, dairy, gluten, seafood. Kindly get in touch with our team if you have specific allergy requirements.