OFFER! Black truffle saucisson

260 gr
Dhs. 94.90 Dhs. 129.90


Product: Saucisson is really good, but truffle saucisson... it's excellent! A festive product par excellence, that your guests will love at the apero! 

Traditional dried cured pork sausage with black truffle from Perigord (1.6%) and from Brumale (0.4%) 

Country of origin: France

Producer: Loste

Ingredients: Pork (origin France), truffle fragments 2% (Tuber melanosporum
1.6% and Tuber brumale 0.4%), salt, truffle flavour, sucrose, ground black
pepper preservative E252, lactic ferments, natural casings.

Portion size: 260 Gr

Stuff to consider: non-halal

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