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Saint Félicien, organic

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Saint Félicien is a soft cow's milk cheese that originated from the farms in the Rhone-Alpes region of France. It originates from the former French province of Dauphiné. The cheese is similar to Saint-Marcellin in flavour and texture, although it is almost twice it's size and slightly richer and creamier. The French call this cheese caille-doux.

Affinage for the cheese takes at least 2-6 weeks during which it develops a bloomy rind and a natural golden-beige colour. The taste, rind and texture are creamy, delicate and soft due to the use of soft curd in the cheese-making process. In fact, this thermised cheese is sometimes sold in a small ceramic or terra cotta pot since the pate can almost become runny. The optimal flavour of this very creamy, buttery and nutty cheese occurs between April and September. But it is also consumed between March and December.

Origin: Saint-Genix-sur-Guiers (Savoie, France)

Producer: Les Fromagers de Sainte-Colombe 

Portion Size: 160 Gr 

Stuff to consider: themised milk, lactose