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Raw goose foie gras - Frozen

Dhs. 539.90

Superior quality foie gras can only be made when you have a global vision of the product. The breeders and slaughterhouses that our supplier trusts follow the strictest ethical and hygiene standards. In addition, we have developed our own breeding program. Our geese spend most of their lives outdoors, eating the best varieties of corn and force-feeding is kept to a strict minimum. We strive to create the perfect foie gras, so that it retains its structure and fat content when cooked. Only a respectful breeding method can lead to an emblematic product.

Ingredients:ย ย Fattened goose liver

Country of origin:ย Belgium

Producer:ย Nivo Finess

Instructions:ย ย To be heated to the core before consumption - Store at -18C

Portion Size:ย 900g+

Shelf life:ย 2 years