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Ossau-Iraty AOC

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A hidden gem from the Western Pyrenees produced with raw milk from local breeds of sheep (Manech and Basco-Bearnaise). Covered with an amber mould rind that intensifies the  ivory paste in the inside releasing succulent toasted aromas and notes of grassy sweet flavors typical from the hilly Basque meadows where the sheep like to graze during the year. Our Ossau-Iraty cheese proudly holds the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (Controlled Designation of Origin). 

Perfect with cherry jam! 

Country of origin: Pyrenees region, FRANCE

Portion size: From 150Gr

Fat content: 45%

Aroma: 6 (in our scale, a Roquefort is a 10 and a Mozzarella a 1)

Stuff to consider: unpasteurized, lactose