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Mahony 72 % Dark Chocolate

Dhs. 15.00

Product: Dark, delicious, mountainous, high-caliber dark chocolate mahony combines rich and tangy 72% chocolate with the sweet-tooth soothing crunch of honey-almond nougat into one mountainous classic treat you can totally share, but probably won’t!

In a nutshell: Premium chocolate, uncompromising quality.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, cocoa mass, egg white powder, sugar, cocoa powder, honey 3.5%, almonds 1.7%, natural flavouring (vanilla).

Stuff to consider:

  • Contains almonds & eggs.
  • Soybeans, milk & other tree nuts may be present.

Nutritional Values:

Energy – 2320 kj (559 kcal)

Fats – 40g

Carbohydrates – 37g

Proteins – 7.7g

Salt – 10mg

Weight: 100G

Conservation: Store in a cool dry place below 17°c

Origin: Switzerland