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Easter chocolate eggs (wrapped)

Dhs. 39.99

Product:  Our Easter chocolate eggs are a unique mix of delicious flavors and textures, including chocolate gianduja, cacao praline, caramel, and valencia almonds. Each bite is filled with a perfect balance of sweet and salty notes, making these chocolate eggs a truly indulgent treat. With authentic ingredients and a rich 70% cacao content, you can enjoy our eggs guilt-free knowing that they are made with the highest quality standards. Take your Easter celebrations to the next level with these mouth-watering chocolate eggs.

Mix of Eggs :

  1. Chocolate gianduja caramel flavor with salt flower
  2. Chocolate gianduja eggs
  3. Authentic eggs 70% cacao praline caramel salt butter
  4. Valencia almonds praline milk chocolate eggs

Country of origin: France

Weight: 20 eggs - 200g

Delivery: Same day