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Lobster soup

Dhs. 98.90

Product: A recipe developed in our artisanal workshop in Cancale, with lobster meat for a tasty soup with a fine lobster taste.

Producer: La Cancalaise

Ingredients: Water, lobster meat (20%), pout, potato, sour cream , tomatoes, carrots, shellfish stock(dextrose, corn maltodextrin, salt, natural flavor, shellfish, anise, thyme, natural pepper extract), tomato paste, onions, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, salt, parsley.

Weight: 380g

Preparation tips: Reheat over low heat without bringing to a boil.

Country of origin: France

Conservation: After opening, keep cool and consume quickly.

Stuff to consider: Possible traces of molluscs, mustard, sulphites, celery, wheat and eggs.