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Whole duck foie gras, cooked, Figeac region - France

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  Foie gras de canard entier, cuit - Limited quantity! 

Cooked whole foie gras has been poached for about 2 hours. Seasoned with salt and pepper only. 

In south-western France, in the heart of duck country, Jean Larnaudie workshop has been carrying on the tradition of Foie Gras production for over 60 years.
Their recipes are developed by men and women with a profound attachment to these lands, eager to preserve the authentic local flavours of these most iconic festive dishes.
The South West is a region rich in gastronomy!
We are proud to contribute to the richness of this terroir, which is why we work in collaboration with local producers to highlight this exceptional product that is foie gras. From ducks born, raised and processed in this beautiful region, according to strict specifications, they benefit from the Protected Geographical Indication of Quercy, Gers or Périgord.

All seasoned with the greatest simplicity to enhance this dish and regain its authentic taste.

There is no exceptional product without excellent raw material!

Country of origin: Ducks raised in Sarlat, Perigord Noir, South-West France

Producer: Larnaudie

Portion Size: 180Gr

Stuff to consider: 12 months shelf life minimum, Halal, pepper, salt, pasteurised.