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Toulouse pork sausage (non halal)

Dhs. 74.90

Product: The real Toulouse sausages made of fresh pork meats and spices. These sausages are perfect for cassoulet or with mashed potatoes, lentils, fried potatoes or aligot. 

They can also be eaten at the apero in a brioche or in a puff pastry. Just dip them in Dijon mustard! 

They can be fried or grilled in the oven or in a BBQ. They can also be poached in water. You don't need to prick them before cooking them.

Country of origin: Provence region, FRANCE

Ingredients: pork meat, water, Camargue salt, LACTOSE, spices, salt, dextrose, glucose syrup, naturals flavorings, aromatic herbs, acidity regulator: sodium acetate, antioxidants, preservatives: sodium nitrite and potassium nitrate. Natural pork casings

Portion size: 4 sausages - 0.5 Kg

Stuff to consider: Frozen, Non-Halal