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The Cheesebox subscription

Dhs. 189.90
Maison Duffour proposes a unique cheesebox : every month end, we deliver a box filled with delicious farm cheeses to your door. You decide on the format upon subscribing, small or big (3 or 5 cheeses)!  You can even change format within your subscription.
Also, we have a secret: you get a secret gift with your cheeses, and it changes every month... Shhhhhh!
Selected with love, each cheesebox will be a surprise, allowing you to discover new cheeses or rediscover tastes of your childhood...! Those cheeses will have no secret for you anymore: we will provide you the story of their making and of their producers.
Since 2017, gourmets around Dubai have discovered more than 200 cheeses thanks to Maison Duffour exceptional cheesebox.
Our cheesebox is commitment free: you can pause or stop anytime (before the 15th of the month). The subscription can resume when you want !
The cheesebox is delivered by the end of each month so you need to subscribe before the 15th! We will contact you a few days before the delivery so you can choose your preferred date and time slot.