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Valentine's Day dinner recipes

Valentine's Day dinner recipes

To celebrate Valentine's Day, there is nothing better than simply sharing a moment together. We propose you a menu, starter-main course-dessert, to cook with 4 hands for a pure moment of pleasure! 
Starter - Semi-cooked foie gras on toasts with our fig chutney 

For this recipe, no difficulties!

  • Take the Foie Gras out of the refrigerator 1 hour before eating. This will accentuate its flavours and make it softer.
  • Defrost our Brioche Bread approximately 45 min at room temperature. You can also toast them. 
  • Slice the Foie gras at the last moment to preserve its colour, using a knife without teeth, into thin slices and place them on the brioche toasts.
  • Add a bit of fig chutney and you're done! You can also replace the chutney with a dash of Fleur de sel... a delight!
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Main course - Oysters au gratin 

Have you ever tried cooked oysters? This is a great alternative for those who are not comfortable with the texture of raw oysters. It is also a different way to enjoy oysters and to surprise your partner.

We suggest a very complete recipe that we found on the website The Glutton Life. Discover the recipe. To be enjoyed with a fresh salad.

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 Valentine's day menu | Maison Duffour



Dessert - Cheeses or chocolate (both?)

Why make a choice? We take both! Discover all our special Valentine's Day desserts and treats right  here 

Coeur de neufchatel, Coeur du berry, Valentine's platter, Raspberry dark chocolate fondant, Macarons box, Chocolate truffle... A gourmet's paradise! 


Valentine's day menu | Maison Duffour



 Happy Valentine's day MD friends! 

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