Wild farmer bread (vegan)

From 400 gr
Dhs. 15.00

  Long Fermentation    No Additives 

Wild Rye - Wheat - mix flour, sour dough, hand made, free baked, round shape - the surface is cut with a knife to create a decorative pattern and the bread is baked first at a high, then at a moderate temperature until the crust is crunchy.

Thanks to Sven's very unique knowledge, Baker's Kitchen proposes an exceptional bread range: high in proteins, minerals, fibers and vitamines. The process-making is pure, natural, and low in gluten (some products are gluten free). 

All the products are baked with sourdough and are long fermented. 

Weight: 400 or 1000 Grams

Country of origin: Dubai, UAE

Producer: Baker's Kitchen