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Vegetarian Mouajanat

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Product: Treat yourself and your loved ones with these gourmet vegetarian Mouajanat: Fatayer Spinach, Samoussek Cheese, Pumpkin Kebbe with Walnuts, Olive Rolls... a pure delight!

Perfect as finger food for your buffets, cocktails or birthday parties!

Producer: Maison Ghattas. 

This family business started as a ‘fern’ in the 1960s –a little bread bakery tucked away on Sursock street, one of the last traditional neighborhoods in Beirut.

Over the years, it evolved from bread to manakeesh, until finally it became known across the country for its unique recipes of “mou’janet”. Dubbed the best spinach fatayer in Lebanon, its mini pizzas, pumpkin kibbeh and halloumi rolls have been multi generational favorites for over three decades –for vegetarians and carnivores alike!


  • 2 x fatayer spinach
  • 2 x samboussek cheese
  • 2 x pumpkin kebbe with walnut*
  • 2 x mankouche zaatar
  • 2 x olive rolls
  • 2 x bulghari cheese

Storage: 2 days in the fridge

Weight: 1 dozen (12 pieces)

Origin: Produced in UAE

Stuff to consider: Delivered fresh, contains nuts*, dairy