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Valentine bouquet by Villa Margot

Dhs. 290.00

Product: Giving a beautiful flower bouquet for your loved one, A wonderful way to show your love and appreciation. Look at this beautiful flower bouquet made by our partner Villa Margot. It's the perfect idea to treat your loved ones!

🌸 We can add a personal note if you wish!

➡ Kindly order 1 day in advance. 

Producer:  At Villa Margot, they were creating seasonal bouquets to help preserve our ecosystem. Depending on the season, they select the freshest and most beautiful flowers, arrange them into unique floral arrangements.


  • Pale Yellow Roses
  • White Delphinium
  • Blue Hydrangea
  • Eucalyptus


  • Small: diam. 25 to 30cm
  • Medium: diam. 30 to 40cm
  • Large: diam. 40 to 50cm