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The Classic Raclette kit

Dhs. 124.90

The perfect recipe to share with yourย loved ones

ย This raclette kit contains:ย 

The cheese:

Gourmet sliced raclette cheese from Haut-Livradois (Auvergne region)

The cold cuts:

NON-HALAL: An assortment of French pork cooked ham, 9-months aged IGP Savoie cured ham and Rosette de Lyon


HALAL: An Italian assortment of Black Angus bresaola,ย turkey bresaola and beef salami Milano

Ratte potatoes


ย What do you need at home?ย 

An electric cheese melter machine or a pan, a stove, some salt

Origin: Cheese and cold-cuts from FRANCE, organic potatoes fromย UAE

Weight: Portion per head is 200Gr of cheese, 100Gr of cold-cuts and 400Gr of ratte potatoes

Stuff to consider:ย  Pasteurised raw milk cheese, lactose


ย How to prepare:ย 

1. Clean your potatoes before placing it in a large stove of cold water with a teaspoon of sea salt, bring to boil. Leave it at medium heat for approx. 30 minutes (or untilย you can plant a knife easily in the potatoes),

2. Heat your machine or your pan, place the cheese on it and get it melted as per your preference,

3. Serve the cheese on a potato, together with cold-cuts.