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Farmhouse Pork Terrine (Terrine de Campagne)

Dhs. 62.90

Product: Filled with the rich and savory flavors of traditional farmhouse cuisine, our pork terrine brings old-world charm to your table. Savor each bite as you imagine the rolling hills and quaint villages of the French countryside, where this timeless dish originated.  Treat your taste buds with our delectable and authentic Farmhouse Pork Terrine."

Ingredients: pork meat 37%, pork liver, pork heart, onion, pork fat, pork rind,
EGG white, fine salt, potato starch, black pepper, chervil.

May contain: celery, crustaceans, nuts, cereals containing gluten, sesame seeds, milk, lupin, molluscs, mustard, fish, soybeans, sulphites

Preparation instructions: Serve fresh After opening, store between 0°C and 4°C 

Country of origin: FRANCE

Portion Size: 200 Gr

Stuff to consider: Non-halal, Jar