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Saucisson sticks, Auvernou

Dhs. 29.90


Product: Sausages in a thin and elongated shape, ready to eat or cut, ideal for picnics or as an aperitif! It is an endlessly renewed pleasure for your taste buds.

Producer: Auvernou, the French brand of high quality dry sausages. Pork from France, quality ingredients, gourmet recipes, French manufacturing, all in easy to take away formats.

Ingredients: Pork meat, lactose, salt, peppers, sugar, dextrose, garlic, mace, preservatives: potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite, cloves, ferments. Envelope (collagen casing). 174 g of meat used for 100 g of finished product. 

Country of origin: Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany, FRANCE

Portion size: 3 x 50 Gr 

Stuff to consider: Non-Halal, Possible presence of nuts.