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Morteau pork sausage (non halal)

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Product: Our Morteau sausage are made with pork from Franche Comte region only. The casing is natural. Morteau sausage has a very particular taste thanks to the spices (cumin, garlic, pepper and juniper) being added to the meat. Also, our sausage is being smoked after being cured over pine and spruce for at least 48hrs.

Morteau is delicious when eaten in combination with winter dishes such as potatoes "au gratin", choucroute, wild mushrooms or any hot vegetables.

They are proposed in a packet containing 2 pieces (300Gr - approximately, 0.15 Kg per sausage).

Morteau sausages being smoked, they simply need to be reheated in boiling water for app. 15 minutes.

Rewarded by a Golden Medal at the widely respected Concours Général Agricole Paris in 2016. 

Country of origin: Jura region, FRANCE

Ingredients: Pork meat, salt, lactose, wheat dextrose, pepper, preservatives: sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate.

Portion size: 350Gr approx. - 2 pieces

Stuff to consider: Fresh (possibility to freeze), Non-Halal