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FLASH SALE! Mini chili saucisson sticks

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Product: Awaken your taste buds with our Mini Sticks Piment Auvernou! Deliciously spicy, our Mini Sticks with a strong character are tasty and crunchy. Our secret ? A unique recipe, 100% French meat and high quality ingredients. Thanks to their clever format, they slip easily into a pocket. Perfect for a gourmet break, but also to share with those who matter to you!

Ingredients: Pork meat, salt, lactose, spices (contains peppers 0.66%), dextrose, sugar, aromatic plant, preservatives: potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite, ferments. Envelope: collagen casing (collagen, glycerin, cellulose). 179g of pork used for 100g of finished product.

Country of origin: Brittany, FRANCE

Portion size: 10 mini sticks

Weight: 100Gr

Stuff to consider: Non-Halal,  Possible presence of nuts