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Mixed cocktail saucissons, chorizo and plain

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This gourmet cocktail of saucissons is made of traditional dried, cured pork sausage with a Mix of Nature and Chorizo sausages. This is the ideal format to share with your friends while enjoying an aperitif, on a grazing platter with cheese and cold cuts. 

Ingredients of nature sausages: Pork lean and fat, lactose, salt, garlic pulp, saccharose, wheat dextrose, white pepper, black pepper, potassium nitrate, mace spices, cloves, milk ferments.

Ingredients of chorizo sausages: Pork meat, spice preparation for chorizo 4.9%, spices (sweet smoked and hot chili pepper), glucose syrup, dextrose, herbs, flavouring, beetroot juice powder, antioxidant: sodium nitrate.

Country of origin: Pyrénées region, FRANCE

Producer: Loste

Portion size: 200 Gr 

Stuff to consider: Non-Halal. May contain traces of lactose, nuts, milk, celery and mustard.