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Quince Paste

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Product: This delightful spread has a vibrant, reddish hue and a smooth, jelly-like consistency. With a rich, fragrant aroma and a sweet-tart flavor, quince paste pairs exceptionally well with cheeses, making it a popular accompaniment on cheese boards.

Food pairing: Ideal with a Manchego or a Tomme de Brebis. To test also on a slice of bread or with the duck, a white meat (rabbit)...

Producer: L'Epicurien specializes in crafting exquisite artisanal jams and spreads. Their delectable range, born from nearly 40 years of expertise, includes a variety of flavors meticulously created to awaken the epicurean in every palate. From traditional jams to unique spreads, each product reflects a commitment to quality, authenticity, and the artistry of French culinary traditions.

Ingredients:  Quinces 53%, Cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, jelling agent : fruit pectin.

Weight: 125Gr

Origin: France