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Cornfed Yellow free-range chicken, France

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Treat yourself to the unique flavor of our Cornfed Yellow free-range chicken from France. This product is a top-quality, fresh, and healthy source of lean protein. The free-range conditions allow the chicken to develop a strong taste and tender texture. Enjoy a unique, delicious experience!

Our free-range chickens come from a traditional French rustic environment. They are cornfed and have a minimum surface of 8,800 sqm to run around and play while they follow their natural growth period of 84 days (versus an average of 42 torturous days for caged hormoned chickens). We are proud of our chickens!

Country of origin: France

Portion Size: 1,3 to 1,5 Kg - Can feed 4 people

Stuff to consider: Cornfed, free-range, slow growth, halal, frozen

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