Caviar, Royal Beluga

From 30 gr
Dhs. 500.00

The color of the Royal Beluga caviar varies from light gray to dark gray, with a firm texture offering an intense and persistent flavor. The grains are the largest available.

The Royal Beluga caviar is raised with the highest standards of quality and consistency in China, using innovative techniques to provide the best environment for sustainable farming of sturgeon.

The Beluga sturgeon is the largest measuring up to five meters, but also the rarest in the world. Farming sturgeon is the best way to protect the species.



Composition: Sturgeon caviar roe, salt 3.5%

Malossol process -

Portion Size: 30, 5 250Gr

Stuff to consider: Unpasteurised, no preservatives

- Serving, Tasting and Conservation guidance