Swiss Gruyère 12 months

From 150 gr
Dhs. 31.60

Supported by a more or less salty note, it's fruity taste and floral flavors vary according to the combined action of the ferments and the morge (which are used to rub the cheese during its maturation).

The producer: Right, we made an exception! This Gruyère is actually produced initially in the canton of Fribourg, in western Switzerland. But matured by a French cheese-maker in Haute-Savoie. Fromagerie Bouchet is specialised in the production of Alpine cheeses since 1955.

Region: Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland - Mont Salève, France

Portion Size: 200Gr

Stuff to Consider (allergen, type of milk, etc.): unpasteurised cow’s milk

Tip: Keep stored at +4° C