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Frankfurter pork sausage (non halal)

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Product: A Frankfurter is  sausage made of pure pork in a casing of sheep's intestine. The Frankfurter unique taste comes from a special low temperature smoking. Frankfurters being pre-cooked, you simply need to heat them up before eating, and served with sauerkraut, it makes a delicious gourmet meal.

Heating instructions: 

Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil. The pot should be large enough to fit all the sausages you want to boil. Place the sausages in the pot.

Boil the sausages for approx 5 minutes.

  • If you're boiling a large number of sausages, they may need an extra minute or two. Test a sausage to see if it's ready before removing the rest of them from heat.
  • If you're boiling just a sausage or two, they may be ready before 5 minutes are up. Test a sausage at 5 minutes to see if it's hot enough to suit you. If not, put it back in the water.

Country of origin: Jura region, FRANCE

Ingredients: Pork meat, pork fat, salt, water, milk proteins, spices and aromatic herbs, dextrose, glucose syrup, stabilisers, natural flavourings, antioxidant, preservative: sodium nitrite, colouring, natural muttin casings.

Portion size: 4 large sausages

Stuff to consider: Fresh (possibility to freeze), Non-Halal, milk proteins