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Rocamadour fermier

Dhs. 20.00

The Rocamadour can be eaten at the various stages of maturation. The young Rocamadour cheese (between 1 and 2 weeks of maturity) has a subtle acidic aroma and a slight nutty taste. During the maturing process, it acquires a delicate velvet rind, which is white at first and then becomes brown/yellow. The inside is white and creamy.

Producer:ย Etoile du Quercy

Country of origin:ย Loubressac, France

Portion Size: 2 pieces of 35 Gr

Stuff to Consider (allergen, type of milk, etc.): Unpasteurized goatโ€™s milk, lactose

Tip: keep stored at +4ยฐ C โ€“ Take it out a few minutes before tasting