250 gr
Dhs. 44.90


This Camembert-style cheese needs no introduction. A genuine British cheese superstar, Tunworth can hold its own against anything France has to offer.

Made by Stacey Hedges and Charlotte Spruce in Hampshire, the soft mould-ripened cheese has been named Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards twice since it was first launched in 2005. It is loved by chefs and cheese aficionados in equal measure for its thin wrinkled rind and sweet flavour, which takes in vegetal, cabbagey notes.

A tricky cheese to match with red wine – the tannins clash with the creaminess of the cheese. Try cider or beer instead. A crisp pilsner is a refreshingly good match.

Top fact: The distinctive rind is formed by a mix of moulds, including Geotrichum and white Penicillium Candidum, which can and should be eaten. Awarded Silver at the 2019 and 2018 British Cheese Awards.

Weight: 250Gr

Origin: Hampshire Cheeses, Hampshire, England

Stuff to consider: Pasteurized cow milk