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Albacore tuna with green peppercorn

Dhs. 39.90

Product: Very aromatic, with more vegetal notes than its white and black cousins, the green pepper with the tuna and olive oil is a delicious mix.

Firmly anchored on the Quiberon peninsula in Morbihan, the Belle-Iloise has been passing on its craftsmanship and know-how for almost 90 years .

By respecting the seasons, by choosing ingredients with authentic taste and benefits, and by still doing the essential gestures at the heart of the production manually, La Belle Iloise makes the choice of perpetuating the know-how. And they do this because it is the best way to offer good products.

Ingredients: Albacore tuna, extra virgin olive oil, green peppercorns, salt

Weight: 139Gr

Origin: France

Allergens: fish