Truffle mayonnaise (eggless and handmade)

260 gr
Dhs. 50.00

Product: Truffle Mayonnaise is a vegan premium mayo made with the base ingredients in addition to a key ingredient, artisan truffle oil. Freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder elevate the flavor that leave a tingling feeling in your mouth. Just amazing! 

This mayonnaise doesn't contain eggs.

Producer: Souschefy aims to provide cooking ingredients that will elevate everyday meals and give them a gourmet make over. Souschefy will cater to customers who are looking for safe food with natural ingredients and great taste that is made with ingredients they can understand, simple labeling, balanced nutrition panels,  and trustworthy sourcing. 

Ingredients:  Aquafaba , distilled vinegar, apple cider vinegar, mustard sauce, sunflower oil, Black truffle oil, salt , garlic powder and pepper.

Producer: Souschefy

Origin: UAE

Conservation: Our Mayonnaise should be stored in the fridge unopened for 30 days. Once opened it can be stored an extra 30 extra days in the fridge.

Allergens: mustard