Tomme Pélissone with chili

From 200 gr
Dhs. 31.90

The Tomme Pélissone with chili  cheese is made from milk collected from farms spread in this specific mountain areas. It is officially considered as a “mountain product” as its processing occurs in mountain areas, at an altitude of minimum 600 meters.

The Pélissone tomme has different flavors and can be found “au naturel”, with herbs, with chestnut, walnut or even with goat cheese. This particular tomme is quite original and gourmet as it is filled with chili.

It is soft, yellow and dotted with small holes. Its unique flavor is as subtle as it is assertive on the aftertaste. This tomme will reveal the most beautiful notes of fresh mountain milk that a cheese can contain. It tells the story of it's region in one bite.

Country of origin: Auvergne, central France

Portion size: From 200Gr

Stuff to consider: Thermized cow milk