BEST BEFORE 20.05 - Tomme Bonhomme with thyme & rosemary

200 gr
Dhs. 23.90 Dhs. 39.90

The Claudepierre family runs a farm in the mountains of the Vosges. It is a relatively small farm with just under 40 cows and of course, like all the other cheese makers in the region, they also make the world-famous Munster. The Tomme du Bonhomme is a cheese to discover! The rind is a bit sticky and slightly orange. 

The dairy has a buttery structure and a taste with many spicy aromas. The cheese is very well balanced with a spicy, nutty flavor and clear notes of cumin seeds. For 20 years, the Claudepierre families, Marie-Cécile, Gérard, Thérèse, Marion and Antoine, their children and their employees, have been committed to making cheese in accordance with the traditions of their region.

Country of origin: Grand Est, France

Ingredients: Unpasteurised cow's milk, lactic ferments, animal rennet, salt, thyme, rosemary

Portion size: 200Gr

Producer: Beillevaire

Stuff to consider: Unpasteurized cow milk