The Opulent cheese selection

6 to 8 persons
Dhs. 115.00 Dhs. 143.90


-- Specially made for sharing --

This is an ideal cheese selection for everyone who wishes to share with family or friends the pleasure of discovering and tasting French gourmet cheeses.

Kit composition: 

  • Ardéchois (Semi-hard cow cheese) - Thermised
  • Toupin de chèvre (Hard goat cheese) - Unpasteurized 
  • P'tit pavé du Gois (Soft cow cheese) -  Unpasteurized 
  • Meule de Savoie (Hard cow cheese - Similar than Comté) - Unpasteurized 
  • Marbré des Alpes (Semi-soft cow cheese - Similar than Morbier) -  Unpasteurized 
  • Honey infused with thyme
  • Semi-salted butter (2 pieces) - Pasteurized

Origin: FRANCE

Portion size: 985Gr

Stuff to consider: Unpasteurized cheeses