The English cheese selection

4 to 6 persons
Dhs. 139.00


-- Specially made for sharing --

For all cheese lovers, it's time to discover our English gourmet cheeses! Very tasty and so yummy...we love this selection! Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Our English cheese selection was created with the very best cheeses in England and with a mix of texture and tastes : the soft, the hard and the blue cheese. 

The soft Baron Bigod Brie: 

The Baron Bigod's popularity has much to do with its silky paste and long complex flavours of farmyard, morels and warm earth. In fact, even the French would be jealous, as Baron Bigod cheese is one of only a handful of its type in the world to be made by the farmer on the farm and can genuinely be called a true farmhouse Brie. Using a traditional recipe passed on to our cheesemaker by a French cheese maker, we have set about making what we believe to be something very special.

It was awarded Silver at the 2019 and 2018 British Cheese Awards.

The hard Double barrel Lincolnshire: 

Made using fresh unpasteurised milk from a 230 strong herd of pedigree Holstein Fresian Cows, our Double barrel Lincolnshire is matured for up to two years, until it becomes so intense and powerful that it has becomes rich and strong with savoury and compelling pineapple flavours as well as a feisty kick.

The Cropwell bishop Shropshire blue

Shropshire Blue has no actual link with the county it was named after. It was first invented in 1970 by a cheesemaker in Inverness, who adapted a Stilton recipe by adding annatto to give it a sunset orange colour. Stilton makers eventually adopted the cheese as their own. Creamy, but without the same level of spice as Stilton, the cheese has caramel hints and a nutty finish.

Another award winner from Cropwell Bishop, their Shropshire Blue was crowned Supreme Champion at the 2016 British Cheese awards in addition to being awarded Best Blue Cheese and Best English Cheese.

We suggest to pair our English cheeses with our farmhouse pickles, an organic chutney, our tracklements or our quince paste. You decide! 

Kit composition:

- Double barrel Lincolnshire (hard cow, 200Gr)
- Cropwell bishop blue (Blue cow, 150Gr)
- Baron Bigod brie (Soft cow, 250Gr)
- Original sourdough crackers, Peter's Yard

Country of Origin: England

Portion size: 3 cheeses (600Gr) & 1 pack of crackers (105Gr)