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The Apero kit - NEW VERSION

Dhs. 219.90

Apéro. [apeʀo ] masculine noun. (informal) (= apéritif) aperitif ⧫ drink (before lunch or dinner)

Our apéro selection is ideal for good times with your friends and family! If you were still wondering what to do next weekend, we got it all sorted out for you. Just sit back and relax... Your gourmet selection is coming directly to you.

Kindly make sure you select which type of cold cuts you want (halal or non halal):


  • Assortment of halal or non-halal cold cuts (200Gr), UAE
  • 2 x Cheeses, hard and soft (350Gr approx), France
  • 1 x Gazpacho from Ederki (500ml), France
  • 1 x Spread from Bellota Bellota 
  • 2 x Pack of Peter's Yard crackers, United Kingdom
  • 2 x Superbon chips, small, Belgium 


  • Serve the gazpacho super fresh in small verrines with a spoon. Add diced cucumbers and bread croutons with a drizzle of olive oil!
  • Enjoy our Bellota Bellota spread with a toasted bread and let yourself be guided according to your desires: chorizo chips, boquerone anchovies or sardines

Portion: 4 persons

Allergens: Lactose, contain traces of sesame, gluten and celery, sulfites