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Organic clementine, rose & cardamom jam

Dhs. 30.90

Product: First slowly reduce the mandarin before adding a dash of supple rose and infusing it with the aroma of cardamom. The result is a citric elixir so divine, neither financier nor fowl can escape without a glazing.

Producer: Pipaillon jams are full of surprising flavors! Their jams are quality artisanal products that seduced the most demanding palates both in Belgium and abroad. Pipaillon creates preserves for hedonists: those who like good ones things of life. "Our jams bring back to childhood memories, of those who awaken people's hearts, one finger in the jam."

What if real luxury was simplicity? With local ingredients, obviously organic and necessarily tasty, Pipaillon manufactures jams but also chutneys, tapenades, candied lemon and now, pickles. 

Ingredients: Tangerine, cardamom, rose petals, lemon juice, sugar 

Country of origin: Belgium

Portion size: 120Gr