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Swiss chocolate, Napolitains, Peru collection

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Product: Discover the richness and variety of Peru’s terroirs with this gourmet box presenting our San Ignacio 70, Quillabamba 70, Alto Piura 75 chocolates in traditional Noir de Noir recipes and the Alto Piura 70 in a crunchy, Brut de Noir recipe.

Weight: 225Gr

Number of pieces: 48 pieces

Chocolatecrispy dark chocolate: Alto Piura 70; extra fine dark chocolate: Alto Piura 75, Quillabamba 70, San Ignacio 70

Cacao: minimum 70% (San Ignacio 70, Quillabamba 70, Alto Piura 70), minimum 75% (Alto Piura 75)

Origin: Alto Piura: Region de Piura – Perú, Quillabamba: Provincia de La Convención – Perú, San Ignacio: Departamento de Cajamarca – Perú

Terroir: Alto Piura: Valle de l'Alto Piura, Quillabamba: Quillabamba, San Ignacio: Provincia de San Ignacio

Variety: Alto Piura: Gran Blanco, Quillabamba: Chuncho, San Ignacio: Puro Nacional nativo

Allergy: Soy, gluten, dairy, egg and nut free