Swiss chocolate, Napolitains, L'esterre collection

48 pieces
Dhs. 199.90

ProductDiscover the aromatic richness of L’Esterre in this gourmet box presenting four variations of this exceptional cacao: the chocolates L’Esterre 70 and L’Esterre 80 in a traditional Noir de Noir recipe and L’Esterre 75 and L’Esterre 85 in a crunchy, Brut de Noir recipe. 

Weight: 225Gr

Number of pieces: 48 pieces

Chocolatecrispy dark chocolate: L'Esterre 75, L'Esterre 85; extra fine dark chocolate: L'Esterre 70, L'Esterre 80

Cacao: minimum 70 % (L’Esterre 70), minimum 75 % (L’Esterre 75), minimum 80 % (L’Esterre 80), minimum 85 % (L’Esterre 85)

Origin: Grenada Island, West Indies

: Brut de Noir: shelled cacao beans (Grenada), raw cane sugar, Noir de Noir: shelled cacao beans (Grenada), raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole cane sugar

Terroir: L’Esterre Estate, St Andrews

Variety: Trinitario

Allergy: Soy, gluten, dairy, egg and nut free