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Summer truffle tarama

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Product:  Churned in an old-fashioned and very traditional manner, this Bellota Bellota Tamara is exclusively prepared using whole pouches of lightly smoked cod eggs from Iceland. Neither red nor black, our tamara is guaranteed to be free of colouring agents.

Invented by Byzantium in 2008, it has been copied many times. However, our recipe is exclusive to us and uses our natural raw tarama base, to which we incorporate, this time, 3% tuber aestivum (summer truffle) as well as natural truffle oil. Provided you are a truffle lover, of course, the result is magical: the aromas of cod roe and truffle echo, juggle together, blend and complement each other. Tuber aestivum 2.8% and truffle flavoring without coloring

Producer: Bellota-Bellota is a French brand dedicated to the art of living, combining the very best of 2 cultures: Spain and France... From Spain, they took exceptional products such as the best Iberian ham, iconic product of the country but also delicious seafood. And from France, its aesthetic look and its taste for sophistication and detail.  

How to use: For toast or to dip in your vegetables. Perfect on blinis! 

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, salted and smoked cod eggs 28% (COD eggs 26%, salt), ½ skimmed MILK, water, breadcrumbs, pieces of truffles 3% [broken truffles 2.8% (tuber aestivum), truffle juice 0.2% (tuber aestivum), salt], culinary preparation olive oil and black truffle flavor 3% (olive oil 99.6% black truffle flavor 0, 4%), lemon juice, preservative E211.

Weight: 80gr

Origin: France

Allergens: fish, milk and gluten