Snails with garlic butter, Helix Pomatia

48 pieces
Dhs. 99.90

Product: Pomatia Burgundy style escargots

Producer: Escargot de Bourgogne

Cooking instructions:
- Preheat your oven at 180°C (gas 6)
- Without defrosting them, place the snails in the oven in their original plate
- Cook for about 8-10 minutes 
- Serve as soon as the butter starts bubbling 
- Do not cook in a microwave oven 

Ingredients: 50% Snails (Helix Pomatia), 50% Stuffing: butter, garlic, parsley, salt

Allergens: milk, mollusca

Weight: 48 pieces

Origin: France

Stuff to consider: Delivered frozen