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COMING SOON! Traditional sauerkraut (halal)

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Our gourmet Sauerkraut (choucroute) is made the old fashion way, with thinly sliced cabbage and salt. Sauerkraut (choucroute) helps to promote a healthy heart, stronger bones, and weight loss. It is rich in probiotics, vitamins, fiber, and minerals, which can contribute to better digestion and a stronger immune system.
The choucroute adventure started in 1906 in the Aube department in France for the Laurent's family. First, Paul Laurent started producing the cabbage made for choucroute. Then, in 1945, Andre Laurent developped the cabbage production and initiated the steps to create a choucroute company (a "choucrouterie"). Finally, in 1960, Michel Laurent adds to the family business a canning factory. 

Michel puts in place a rigorous selection of the seeds. For the first time comes to life the "ready to eat" choucroute. Michel remained loyal to the traditional process of natural fermentation. Their choucroute is now a well established culinary specialty used by hotels and restaurants throughout France.

Ingredients: sauerkraut (France origin) 90%, water, salt, antioxidant

Portion size: 1Kg - generous for 4 persons

Origin: France

Stuffs to consider: halal (NO pork) - cooked with water